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next>where did the name fizziefuzzie originate from?which character is fizziefuzzie?why don't fizziefuzzie characters have names?is there a fizziefuzzie / chinese opera connection?can i submit an idea for a fizziefuzzie character?does any fizziefuzzie have a love interest?
'fizziefuzzie' was a term that we came up with a while ago to describe ourselves. we could often be seen enjoying a refreshingly cold beverage commercially known as coca-cola. we could also often be seen with fur hairs on our clothes as we have a long haired domestic cat. so when we put these two things that were often associated with us together, the term 'fizziefuzzie' was born. we thought the term would also make a great name for our line of characters as the name was wacky and off(beat) itself.
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