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does any fizziefuzzie have any pets?what would be a fizziefuzzie dream date?there's a rumor going around that purple tiger licks more than just the side of people's faces.  care to confirm or deny?does each fizziefuzzie have a birthday?what kind of cakes do each fizziefuzzie like to eat?submit your questions here. we love questions.
(asked by: debbie of niles, illinois) that's a suduper good question, debbie! cakes are indeed yummy to the tummy. white panda and red panda love brownies - the kind with chopped peanuts on top. pink raccoon enjoys fresh from the oven angelfood cakes. purple tiger thinks that strawberry shortcakes are quite delicious. blue lion loves your basic no frills poundcakes. finally, yellow chimp prefers vegan chocolate mousse cakes.
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